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ScalerParts.Net is a directory for scale building parts specific for “Scale Crawler“: R/C model building for 1/10 scale, division: offroad automotives.

ScalerParts.Net is a place to go for the R/C model builder, searching for appropriate parts in the process of building an scale crawler offroad truck.

ScalerParts.Net is NOT an online shop, it´s more a cataloguing, a networking between the countless existing online shops, to support the scale model builder.

ScalerParts.Net can not be a world wide complete directory of all vendors and products – it is more a controlled gathering of interest points, of recommendations, a listing that grows daily, fed by a scale builder for the scale builders.

Sources” lists and sorts vendors world wide with their website links. In “Parts Index” parts can be found hierarchically. In “Parts” are the collected blog entries for products and product groups, sorted by date, the latest first.

Have fun!

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